Archived from the original on 7 June In the late s, due to her age and weakened vocal abilities, she began to shorten her performances to two songs over a period of two-and-a-half to three hours. Umm Kulthum’s monthly concerts took place on the first Thursday of every month and were renowned for their ability to clear the streets of some of the world’s most populous cities as people rushed home to tune in. For example, Nasser’s speeches and other government messages were frequently broadcast immediately after Umm Kulthum’s monthly radio concerts. This intense, highly personalized relationship was undoubtedly one of the reasons for Umm Kulthum’s tremendous success as an artist.

ya msaharni oum kalthoum

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Some claim that Umm Kulthum’s popularity helped Nasser’s political agenda.

Her songs took on more a soul searching quality infollowing the defeat of Egypt during the Six Day war. The themes at the surface were about love yet with deeper interpretation of the lyrics as seen in the song Salue Qalbi, it questions political motives in times of political tension.

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Kulthum even attended Rawheya’s daughter’s wedding, although she normally preferred to avoid appearing in public off stage. Egyptian musicArabic classical music.

Pages containing links to subscription-only content CS1 maint: At the age of 16, she was noticed by Mohamed Aboul Ela, a modestly famous singer, who taught her the old classical Arab repertoire. The spontaneous creativity of Umm Kulthum as a singer is most impressive when, upon listening to these many different renditions of the same song over a time span of kaltoum years —the listener is offered a totally unique and different experience.


ya msaharni oum kalthoum

She developed a close relationship with Rawheya Al-Mahdi, Amin’s daughter, and became her closest friend. She was invited on several occasions to the house of Amin Beh Al Mahdy, who taught her to play the oud, a type of lute.

ya msaharni oum kalthoum

You can help by adding to it. Although she kalghoum several visits to Cairo in the early s, she waited until before permanently moving there. Worth noting though that the length of a performance did not necessarily reflect either its quality or the improvisatory creativity of Umm Kulthum. Despite this recognition, the royal family rigidly opposed her potential marriage to the King’s uncle, a rejection that deeply wounded msahari pride and led her to distance herself from the royal family and embrace grassroots causes, such as msahxrni answering the request of the Egyptian legion trapped in the Faluja Pocket during the Arab—Israeli War to sing a particular song.

Umm Kulthum had a contralto vocal range. Umm Kulthum has been a significant influence on a number of musicians, both in the Arab World and beyond.

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Boy of the Terraces film. For example, Nasser’s speeches and other government messages were frequently broadcast immediately after Umm Kulthum’s monthly radio concerts. She is also notably popular in Israel among Mizrahi Jews and Arabs alike, and her records continue to sell about a million copies a year.

When Nasser discovered that her songs were forbidden from being aired on the radio, he reportedly said something to the effect of “What are they, crazy? In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Her first song composed by Abdel Wahab, “Enta Omri” You are my life”was considered the “summit meeting”. The New York Times.


ya msaharni oum kalthoum

The song included quartets that dealt with both epicurianism and redemption. University of Chicago Press — via Google Books. These performances are in some ways reminiscent of the structure of Western operaconsisting of long vocal passages linked by shorter orchestral interludes.

Ya Msaharni Oum Kalthoum Bellydance Sydney Georgette يا مسهرني

She also maintained a tightly managed public image, which undoubtedly added to her allure. Her songs were virtuosic, as befit her newly trained and very capable voice, and romantic and modern in musical style, feeding the prevailing currents in Egyptian popular culture of the time.

Umm Kulthum’s establishment as one of the most famous and popular Arab singers was driven by several factors. Archived from the original on 7 June She is referenced at length omu the lyrics of the central ballad “Omar Sharif” in the musical The Band’s Visit.

InUmm Kulthum sang for the inaugural broadcast of Radio Cairo, the state station. On the other hand, her songs as of the mids would extend sometimes over a duration of two hours premiere of Enta OmriEnta el Hobbetc. Virginia Danielson, Harvard Magazine [7]. Molden — via Google Books.