And the setting of our game is something we would like to address separately. I sometimes didn’t know what I was doing, thanks to both the complicated plot and the occasionally vague quest instructions, but there was always lots to do. We have an alpha version. What you get here are inns, villages, castles, ruins, mines and churches, spiced up with the occasional wandering gang of foes, such as villainous warriors and bandits. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. In the beginning of we started discussing and planning our new game, and in we started to work on Legends of Eisenwald.

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Legends of Eisenwald

legends of eisenwald This is how legendz might look leegnds the legends of eisenwald badge will look different, it will resemble the in-game badge. Participate in major decisions regarding the game — game design, balance etc. Buy now Buy now. The replica steel Sword will be come with a leather sheath.

Receive digital soundtrack and access to all future Legends of Eisenwald DLC content including new scenarios, Map Editor, new characters and inventory. Women, the Baroness notwithstanding, are chattel.

We feel that all these similar looking fantasy worlds with dragons, necromancers and ancient gods became tiring for many players. Remove Move to wishlist Wishlisted Owned. Retrieved November 2, Share this project Done. Other eisenwals this, though, fantasy is dialed down to the point of being nearly non-existent–especially in the early stages–although more mythology is introduced as the game progresses.


Legends of Eisenwald Review

Some quest descriptions leave a lot legends of eisenwald be desired, and locations are often given different names in quest dialogues from the maps. Live according to your conscience? So little magic in the game makes the priest and female mystic units bland; their being stuck mainly with healing and cursing spells means they don’t have the impact of full-blown clerics and mages.

Let the game stand entirely on its own merits. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Fix the bridge or face my blade. Our Poster will be signed by our team and our artist, Pavel Romanov. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, I played through the segment a fo times, selecting from among the few different choices available, and the outcome was always the same: Estimated delivery Dec There will be a campaign and some legends of eisenwald missions.

The main legends of eisenwald of the story in the main campaign revolves around the life of the youngest child of Baron Lahnstein who on return to his lands finds that the family castle [3] is impossible to enter.


It’s not a very deep leegnds but legends of eisenwald is very broad. Copyright – Kickstarter is not a store. Your cart is empty. Combat skills are unique for each class whereas feudal and command skills are shared among the three heroes. Retrieved from ” https: I couldn’t wait, and so, with the backing of their liege lord, I gave them a choice: Not sure what to write?

Legends of Eisenwald – Wikipedia

Combination of a role playing game and a strategy in right proportion that can be called a Knight-Errant Simulator. We are honored and privileged to be in this position to present our work here at Kickstarter.

We feel that all these similar looking fantasy worlds with dragons, necromancers and ancient gods became tiring for many players. At times this is good, as it promotes more exploration. Image 6 of 6 The between-chapters loading screen provides a rough map of the game world.