But I’m just so excited. You were just telling us a minute ago that during these difficult periods, one of the ways that you kept going was, you know, your family is a very important source of support. But when my mom died, it didn’t help me. I’m saying – please, join me in celebrating the release of my 10th and best solo album. And I said, I just need a real job. It was so funny.

maysa good morning sunrise

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I’m sure your mother was very proud of you. Yeah, for a while it continued that way with – when I got the audition with Incognito over the phone.

maysa good morning sunrise

I was just bawling. When she passed, I was coming back – I literally was coming off stage in South Africa, and I called them. Lucio Battisti – Quel gran genio del sunriae amico: You sunris, both of your parents, and then when your dad passed away, your mother continued to support you. And Stevie Wonder was true to his word.

It did for a while. And I was upset about the whole thing. Thank you so much.

Maysa-Good Morning Sunrise – Videos, Songs, Discography, Lyrics

And I tried to do the right thing throughout everything in my life. You remember that song?


Well, that could be the story of Maysa. Of course, his mother’s a wonderful singer, too, but this is a conversation he had with his dad.

Maysa – Good Morning Sunrise – Listen on Deezer

It’s a part of how I wanted to make my family proud of me. I didn’t – I had no interest in music at all anymore. I’m actually picturing – I’m kind of hearing this in my head, the music going silent in a way – I mean, somebody who’s always hearing music, and then having it go silent and how disconcerting, how lonely it must have been for you.

But what’s some of the other songs? Just the two people in the world that I loved with all my heart the most are not here for me to say, mommy, look what I did.

maysa good morning sunrise

From your latest album “Blue Velvet Soul. Heard on Tell Me More. And so to not have that is kind of hard. Some people frown on that because they think, oh, it’s politics, that, you know, it’s not good. My friends were like, are you crazy?

Maysa edita Blue Velvet Soul

I think most people would agree that one of the traits successful people seem to share is the willingness to press on, even when success is not assured. So when I do the right thing in my music and it constantly didn’t get recognized, it really was hurting me.


Like, even yesterday I keep wanting to go upstairs to tell her something or to say, oh, yeah – I’ll laugh at something or show her something on TV that she would laugh at.

Thank you for joining maysaa. Obviously, it is something important to you. You can’t come here.

And she would say something so funny, it would just knock it out. So she asked Stevie – ’cause he was looking for an alto voice at the time – and she said, well, can you audition Maysa? You know, people in my family really said you got to keep going.

Sunrkse then after she died, you couldn’t write anymore. It was your way of dealing with things.