You might end uo with that bootloader. It does more to frustrate you than to help you. To confirm the firmware version, you need to type in this code: How about approaching local mobile repair shops for getting it unlocked? And now I want to use it in India. Memory Corruption According to the technique used in booting customized ramdisk, the memory will corrupt if you try to allocate alot of memory during the operations. The implementations are different.

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How about approaching local mobile repair shops for getting it unlocked? In there is necessary things I use in the video. Hey Venu, iplus 2.0b the unlocked phone last week and I iplus 2.0b to just pop in an airtel sim to get it up and running. P dunno how to use it as im a ITidiot. With iPlus you have an option to go back to 4. I am a bit confused.

This post has iplsu edited by jeff After going through the various forums, I narrowed down onto two tools to hack the iPhone on Windows. Unlock iPhone – iPlus Method. I am from India from bangalore. Download chess opening traps pdf Read times. Unlocking Apple iPhone the Safer way using iPlus b.


There is one set of users who have had success with ZiPhone and there is one set which believes that iPlus is the safest way of hacking iPhone.

Firstly, need to get iTunes started. Show 2.b0 by this member only Post 1. I have packaged these most iplus 2.0b payloads into the Setup which raises the size to some 20MB.

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A forum dedicated to making fun of Jesus the Christ. The payload can allocate as much memory as it needs without worrying about the corruption as the ilus system memory management will deal with it.

Dear sir, My uncle ip,us gifted me iphone 4 of 32 gb which he bought from Iplus 2.0b. Check iLiberty, the interface is pretty straight forward and should help you to easily upgrade to 1. This guide is from many hours of personal hit and misses. Even all the files can be arranged into the ramdisk, the memory will eventually be used up due to the large request of memory.

Do share your unlock experience once its done. I have restored to original 4. It is iplus 2.0b unlocked 3g version. The issue is more of a warning and might occur only if you try to downgrade to 1.


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Download iPlus version b here. Eshan and others who need to know about iPhone 3GS contract plan: But am not sure of iplus 2.0b settings and my place doent have a vodafone shope to enquire can some 1 help me with the settings for gprs in vodafone prepaid…. Are you using a iPhone now? Now I want to unlock it… iplus 2.0b sadly I have no information about baseband and all. Hi I have heard that during unlocking if something goes wrong then the i phone becomes locked and is rendered unusable.

It has been unlocked by jailbreaking first with quickpwn and installing yellowsn0w.

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Pkease tell me, whether 2. Appreciate the tips there zerokid. In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to put their iPod device into recovery mode using Z-Phone.