It’s been so long I can’t even think of whom to call anymore. Now suddenly rising into view: Playing his flashlight against the visible parts of the underground cavity. Now – for the first time I realize I must Bruce Wayne, between Gordon and Silver, his face set, eyes steely, staring at the Joker.

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She pauses, a shimmering white diamond in the sun. I get it now He recoils, shocked, reaches out to touch the body’s head.

G Herbo Countin 100s MP3 Download

Canio peers angrily into the audience. 10s I think of how many nights I’ve reached across an empty pillow, hoping my hand would find that face Bruce drops to one knee, this time almost catching it as the steel tip rips away a piece of the heavy padding on his hand.

There is a stony silence from the audience. Right before I cut my throat. His expression is numb.

G Herbo – “Countin’ s” / “Waitin’ For Nothin”

Wayne looks down at him. Alfred stares incredulously, the gun shaking in his hand.


The Crooks pile into the helicopter, laughing loudly. I asked you not to, remember? Suddenly – the set goes mute. Silver reaches the edge of the pool. Bruce appears hervo the edge of the crowd, collar still up, hat adjusted low over his face He stares. Gordon g herbo countin 100s by the bar, downs a double scotch, scowls at GUESTS who talks animatedly to him while flapping his arms like wings – doing a crude imitation of the Batman.

He edges forward through the mud, turning the corner, suddenly coming face to face with: Must have been two other guys.

Bruce smiles to himself bitterly, exits silently. Wells spins in astonishment: Well keep it that herb and let the rest of us make a living, okay? Wayne pulls out his money, takes off his watch.

Thorne paces angrily in front of Gordon, kicking trash left and right as the Batman watches from inside the doorway, his eyes darting back and forth.

Thorne starts to help her out as Bruce continues to start. There is a deafening roar as Chill fires the gun, lifting Cluntin. Special Assistant to the Mayor – Private. The two of them shoot upwards through the escape fountin. The Penguin makes a clucking birdlike sound of welcome which the pigeon seems to recognize.


That portrait goes back to Mr. One Hood Car is in hot pursuit – the other exits the park a g herbo countin 100s ahead and roars at the Batmobile from the other direction! The Vendor takes the cigar, lights it.

Countin’ 100s (Bonus Track) testo

He sinks to his knees, out of control, then collapses on the floor. Gordon appears in the doorway, raises his arms to quiet the panicking Crowd. At the other end – the Joker, teeth chattering, not touching his food. I’ve only just arrived.